Watch Milktooth’s Powerful Cover Of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”


Blog faves Milktooth have been relatively quiet on the local front this past year, while working on a new record, and, now with the new songs nearing completion, they had time to get into the holiday spirit with one of their expert covers.  In true Milktooth style, their take on the holiday standard demands repeat plays, but their video is almost mesmerizing in it’s contemporary relevance.  In asking Zac Stred of Milktooth about this new video, he poignantly told us:

So for me when it comes to Christmas music you have to have Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” which is corny with its choir of robotic sounding children and out of time synth. Its cheesy and wonderful. You also have to have Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” which is serious and juxtaposes the fun of this season with the idea that we should think about what kind of world we have. What are we celebrating?  Our video this year is meant to be a little more of the latter.”

Remember the reason for the season, folks.  While this could just be seen as a “home for the holidays” plotline, it’s hard not think, with all of the senseless violence going on in America (and beyond) these days, that a simple act of walking home from school for a young black man actually could be dangerous.  The season is about loving, caring, and giving, and a reminder that it would be really nice if we lived in a world where an innocent kid getting home safely from school wouldn’t be a story at all.

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