[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Listen to XPLOR’s Lead Single “Are We Cool?”


Since the debut singles “Heartbreak” and “Recover,” Brian Carmona’s project XPLOR has been grinding new tracks out in the studio for a new record. But after recording 20 demos, Carmona decided to scratch every song in search for something new.

Continue reading after the break for the full story and our premiere of new single “Are We Cool? (Feat. Joel Piper)”.

Carmona’s move from LA to Nashville left his direction muddled. “Since moving to Nashville from LA I found myself abandoning my roots and the music I loved. I was chasing a sound that was not truthfully and honestly me. That’s what this city will do to you,” Carmona explains.

With the help of collaborator Derek Drye and Joel Piper (Confide, Of Mice & Men, Jack Tempchin), the new record was finished in a week.

Lead single “Are We Cool?” is very west coast. The lush factor of the vocals and synths are cranked all the way up, with emotional notes similar to LANY and Carousel. Listen to our exclusive premiere of the new single below, and follow XPLOR on socials to keep up with what’s next.

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