Get Magical With This Amazing Promo Video For East Nashville Underground Reunion At The Basement East On Nov. 19-21!

ENU Reunion

We already told you about the East Nashville Underground reunion that is happening at The Basement East on Nov. 19-21.  You know, the one that features three nights and a Saturday “day show”?  You know, the one that has a lineup packed with ENU alums, including Ranch Ghost, ELEL, The Gills, Blackfoot Gypsies, KS RhoadsRi¢hie, Vinyl Thief, Buffalo Rodeo, Kansas Bible Company, The Wans, Justin Kalk, Heavy Sole, The JAG, The Future, Waterfall Wash, and tons more.  Presumably, a number of you have already snacked up your $35 weekend passes, or perhaps you know a good deal when you see it and have upgraded to VIP for $50.  Single day tickets (if it doesn’t sell out) would be available for $15 at the door, but we have a feeling that won’t be an option, so you better jump on the advance options.

If you need further convincing, have a look see at the hysterically awesome promo video that ENU and Solar Cabin Studios teamed up to release below.  If co-founder Jared Corder and Sprinkles the Unicorn can’t convince you of the magic of an ENU reunion, hope is probably lost for your capacity to have fun.

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