The Saint Johns | 2015 Tour Diary | Week 1


We’ve teamed up with local Americana duo, The Saint Johns, to give you an exclusive look into their life on the road.  This is the first of three tour diaries that we are going to share with you as they perform through the northeast and south.  The Saint Johns are set to release their debut full length in early 2016, and we recently shared the first single, “Shadowplay” from that effort.

While we wait for the new record, let’s get to know The Saint Johns a little better.  Head below for photos and captions from the band’s current tour.

Saint Johns Tour 1-1We are officially on the road! Lou does most of the driving, but I (Jo) help I swear.

Saint Johns Tour 1-2Waiting in our “green room” aka side hallway with two chairs. Very glamorous.

Saint Johns Tour 1-3Got invited to a private show to see Jewel perform. She’s hot and funny and her hands are not yours, they are her own.

Saint Johns Tour 1-4After visiting a few radio stations around the NE- we made it to NYC. Quite the view from our managers office.

Saint Johns Tour 1-5Photos with our photos are fun. Shout out to Alysse Gafkjen for her photo skills.

Saint Johns Tour 1-6We played a CMJ showcase at Rockwood Music Hall.

Saint Johns Tour 1-7Got to catch our buds, The Gills, melt faces at Bar Matchless. If you haven’t yet-go grab their single, “Rubberband,” on iTunes.

Saint Johns Tour 1-8Yeezy 4 Prez

Saint Johns Tour 1-9Paste Magazine session. It’ll be out soon, but in the meantime you can check out Paste Magazine’s premiere of Shadowplay.

Saint Johns Tour 1-10So many showcases this week! We love visiting offices and hanging out.

Saint Johns Tour 1-11Photo booth fun with our team- they showed us a great time this week in New York.

Saint Johns Tour 1-12Here’s something weird we ate. When we were done with the meat, they deep fried the skeleton, and then we ate that.

Saint Johns Tour 1-13First show of The White Buffalo Tour kicked off, and we are so pumped. Photo courtesy of @maxacarr on Instagram

Saint Johns Tour 1-14Loading up. New day. New city. Can’t wait to meet you Boston. Till next week, No Country For New Nashville.

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