[PREMIERE] Runner of the Woods Debuts “Thirsty Valley” Video

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You might remember when we shared the first Runner Of The Woods video for “Easy On Me” a couple of months ago, and the local singer songwriter has kept the momentum since the debut record, Thirsty Valley, back in July.  Today we are excited to exclusively premiere the video for the driving title track, which you can check out after the jump.  Runner Of The Woods front man (and star of the video) Nick Beaudoing had the following to tell us about the song and the video.

“The video for “Thirsty Valley” depicts a man withdrawing into the wilderness.   Regardless of what kind of man you are, that fantasy is always in the top three. The opening shot shows Center Hill dam, an imposing structure an hour outside of Nashville.  It generates a tailwater called the Caney Fork, Tennessee’s most beautiful river.  Filmmaker Michael Chase knew exactly what I was going for and took full advantage of the scenery.  We had a great time thinking of ways to portray someone who leaves civilization in favor of a life in the wild.  Living on beer, fishing, and camping by a river with a guitar instead of a laptop – what greater expression of freedom is there?  One scene, in particular, sticks out for me.  In order to show a man living off the land, we spent hours fishing for rainbow trout.  For all my effort, I only caught a large, ugly carp.  The character in the video cooks it anyway. That’s a perfect metaphor for the message of the song: stand your ground and be grateful for the good things that come your way, even if they aren’t exactly what you asked for.”

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