[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Ali Sperry Shares Picturesque Video For “Always Been”


If you’re like us, you’re still feeling a slight musical hangover from the insanity of this weekend’s Americana Fest. Thankfully, this new video from Ali Sperry provides a unique take on the traditional Americana sound that’s been flooding our ears for the past few weeks. With tasteful pedal steel set alongside Sperry’s haunting vocals, “Always Been” is an earnest and intimate track that talks about the struggle of staying centered when life becomes unpredictable.

“The choice to be a musician as your livelihood is one of great vulnerability, as it is so deeply personal to all of us,” Sperry says. “There is an element of self-doubt that seems to come with the territory–I have watched people I love go through it as well as experiencing it first hand. “Always Been” is inspired by those doubts and learning how to be present and breathe our way through the dark times.”

Filmed by her step-brother, LA videographer and photographer Ben Estey, the video showcases Sperry in the rugged and desolate backdrop of Joshua Tree, California. Shots of a restless night spent in a lonely motel help to convey both the anxiety and hope that’s rooted within in each line of the track. Click below to watch our exclusive premiere of Ali Sperry’s new video for “Always Been.”

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