DEDSA’s NWS Video for “Lighter Click” Is One Big Awesome WTF


Oh boy. We had no idea what was in store when DEDSA’s video for new single “Lighter Click” popped into our inbox. The proggy rock track rocks hard enough on its own, but wait till you see the video. The trippy visuals recall He-Man if animated in hell, The Legend of Zelda’s much maligned cartoon, and cult classic Heavy Metal.

Just a few highlights: a newly hatched dragon coughs up a sun, an alchemy cult siphons the power of Ouroboros, a blood priest uncovers the mystery behind a rune-encrusted egg, and a warrior feline deity emits a vitamin D-rich battle cry.

Take it all in, friends. Be warned: it’s NWS for monster mammaries. Once you come down from all that, be sure to catch DEDSA at Soulshine Pizza on Friday at 7PM for a free Lightning 100 show.

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