Death From Above 1979 Postone July 16 Third Man Records Show


Announced last month, Canadian dance punk duo Death From Above 1979, who returned last year with their sophomore LP, The Physical World, almost exactly a decade after their debut, were set to play at Third Man Records‘ famous Blue Room on July 16. Unsurprisingly, especially since the group packed Marathon Music Works back in November, the show promptly sold out. Unfortunately, however, due an issue involving visas and immigration (remember that Canadian part we told you about?), the band are now unable to perform the four shows they had slated for next week, including their stop in Music City.

According to an official statement from Third Man, this leaves would-be attendees with a few options. You can hang onto your ticket, in the very likely event that the show reschedules for a new date (and you’ll still be guaranteed a spot). Or, you can seek a refund by e-mail (online customers) or at the storefront (in-person customers), thus forfeiting your ticket, even if a new date is scheduled. If a new date isn’t announced within two months, ticketholders will receive a refund automatically.

Don’t blame us, blame the Canadian government. Here’s hoping a new date works out, because this is sure to be an unforgettable one.

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