ZZ Ward Drops New Single “Lonely” | See her at Marathon Music Works on 9/4!

ZZ Ward

Soul-pop singer ZZ Ward is gearing up to release her sophomore record This Means War, as well as start a national tour that includes a stop at Marathon Music Works on Friday, September 4. The first couple of songs from the album are showing a poppier, more electronic side of Ward, whose music has formerly been more blues and soul influenced.  This will help her stand out from other vintage pop singers like Joss Stone and Adele, as well as appeal to a wider audience. Though we hope she’ll still play the killer bluesy guitar and harmonica she put on display at Bonnaroo last year, which made her one of the breakout new artists from that festival.

The new album explores a destructive, passionate relationship, “where the cussing turns to kissing.” We already shared the debut single and video for “Love3X.” Click through to listen to “Lonely” and grab your tickets for the show at Marathon here.

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