Meet New Local Label – Sweet Sounds Records

Sweet Sounds Records

There’s a new independent record label in town giving a home to all the weird, left-of-center music that might otherwise have a hard time finding a community in any city, even a booming music town like Nashville. Sweet Sounds Records was initially founded by Keith Chandler and Ira Kinder as a way for them to release their own music, but the label has recently expanded to host 12 local artists and has released a sampler of their current lineup, which ranges from avant-garde noise to ambient droning to shoe gaze to surf rock. Chandler says the label’s goal is to create a scene for Nashville artists, “especially the weirder ones” that wouldn’t likely be welcome on any other Nashville labels, so they can connect, gain access to all the advantages of a record label, and pursue their creative dreams.

Artists currently on Sweet Sounds include Chandler’s own punk project Callado, psychedelic sludge duo Brother Ares, math-rock and shoe-gaze influenced band Oceanray, and ambient industrial duo Momohaus among others. The label has big plans for 2015 that include a Sweet Sounds live showcase for the bands plus tons of physical and digital music releases. Sweet Sounds is just another sign of Nashville’s music scene diversifying and growing to include artists and fans of all persuasions. Click through to listen to the Sweet Sounds sampler and go to the label’s Bandcamp site to learn more.

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