R. Kelly to Play Municipal Auditorium Dec. 5


Listed by Billboard as the most successful r&b/hip hop artist of the last 25 years, and the most successful r&b artist in history, singer, controversial public figure, and certifiably eccentric person R. Kelly is set to return to Nashville for the first time in several years, for a Dec. 5 performance at Municipal Auditorium in support of his twelfth album, last year’s Black Panties. Whether or not you’re a fan of Kelly’s music, you’re inevitably familiar with his hits, and, over the top antics and legal troubles aside, it’s undeniable that the dude can siiiing. While that might be enough for fans of r&b, the real appeal for us is just how crazy his live shows tend to be. We witnessed this firsthand at Bonaroo 2013, and, rather than try to explain the weirdness ourselves, we’ll just direct you to this (pretty accurate) bit by comedian Aziz Ansari. Tickets for this one, which is technically all ages, but we wouldn’t recommend bringing the kids, go on sale tomorrow, Nov. 7, at 12 p.m. CST right here. Enjoy a new track below!

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