Dads to Play The End Nov. 23 with Tiny Moving Parts and Choir Vandals


We’ve spoken at length about the new wave of emo and pop punk bands that have been brewing at the underground level, and about how much fresh life and relevance they’ve been bringing to the scene. No group better exemplifies this movement than Michigan (by way of New Jersey) duo Dads. Perhaps lesser buzzed about than some of their peers, Dads are, nonetheless, one of the most fiercely beloved emo/indie revivalist acts, channeling a noodle-y, lofi, melodically dense, and emotionally resonant sound that has helped cement their debut LP, American Radass (This Is Important) and followup EP, Pretty Good, as instant, under the radar classics. Dads will release a new album, I’ll Be The Tornado, Oct. 14 via 6131 Records, and, in celebration, they’re hitting the road this fall. Best we can tell, when the group comes to Nashville on Nov. 23 for a performance at The End with like-minded acts Tiny Moving Parts and Choir Vandals, it might just be their first time performing in Music City. Tickets go on sale for just $10 this Friday, Sept. 26, at 10 a.m. CDT right here.

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