Guided By Voices to Play Mercy Lounge Oct. 24


Since reuniting a few short years ago, seminal indie rockers Guided By Voices have been nothing if not prolific. Releasing SIX studio albums over the span of a mere two years, the group have debuted two full-lengths, Motivational Jumpsuit and Cool Planet, already in 2014. And, while there doesn’t seem to be any danger of GBV calling it quits again anytime soon, the Ohio band remain one of the most influential, eclectic, and progressive acts of the indie scene of the last three decades. If you’ve seen them live, then you already know that they’re fantastic; if not, you owe it to yourself to witness a piece of musical history, and you can do just that when they return to Nashville this fall, Oct. 24, for a performance at Mercy Lounge. Tickets are on sale now for $28, so grab ’em while they last!

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