Diarrhea Planet Release 5-Song Live KEXP Performance


Nashville’s favorite rock and roll sons, Diarrhea Planet, stopped by famed Seattle radio station KEXP last month to film performances of  five songs, “Lite Dream,” new Adult Swim single “Spooners,” brand new single “Platinum Girls,” “White Girls (Student of the Blues, Pt. 1),” and “Teepee Toes,” and the entire session has now made its way online. Of the many, many live Diarrhea Planet performance videos we’ve come across, this might be the best sounding ever. And, although it’s in-studio and lacks the insanity and rowdiness of their live show audience interaction, it really showcases their often under appreciated technical prowess.

Diarrhea Planet will release their new EP, Aliens in the Outfield, Nov. 18 via Infinity Cat. Check out their KEXP performance below!

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