[ALBUM REVIEW + PREVIEW] Buy Ty Segall’s Magical New Double LP ‘Manipulator’ | See Him Live TWICE Today

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By now, ya’ll know that last month was absolutly crazy in Music City, (we even dedicated this entire post to getting everyone caught up), but don’t look for things to slow down anytime soon, as we blast full-steam ahead into September. Psychedelic, garage rocker Ty Segall dropped his latest LP Manipulator last month, and it just might be one of the best albums we’ve heard all year, even if Spin thinks it belongs in a different decade. You can judge for yourself TODAY, when he’ll make two appreances in Nashville. The first gig is a FREE in-store performance at Grimeys at 4:30 pm, and then the second is tonight at Mercy Lounge with Canadian progressive popsters Wand, and alternative rockers Circle K filling in the opening spots.

The show starts at 9 pm (doors at 8) and tickets are only $15 here or the same price at the door. We have a very strong suspicion this show will sell out, or come pretty damn close, even on a Monday night. We encourage you to read on after the jump to find out more about Ty’s amazing new record and to BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW, before it’s too late!

A Bay Area wonder kid on drums and guitar, Ty Segall began his strange and wonderful journey through rock ’n’ roll playing with various local indie bands in Orange County and San Francisco. In 2008 he released a self-titled solo album and over the past six years he’s dropped six more, a full length LP with an amazing side project called Fuzz, made multiple music videos and come out with  too many 7”s to name. He is a force of nature, a guitar wielding hurricane with a storm surge full of rock.

Last month he unleashed his newest, and possibly his best album to date, a double LP entitled Manipulator. It’s a crazy mix of all our favorite guitar styles from the blues, to power chord alternative, and even garage glam, all of which is weaved together perfectly by Ty’s distinct guitar work and hypnotizing vocals.

From the very first song, (title track “Manipulator”), which has a cool interactive video that released today, you know you’re in for a unique treat, as the side show organ music pumps you along to the carnival. Track two, “Tall Man Skinny Lady,” is more of a hard and sludgy guitar pop rock song that would be perfect in a Tarantino movie, but still reeks of Segall. The first single, “Feel”, melted-skulls on Conan (as you can see below), and probably features some of the best pure jam and solo work of the entire 17-track listing.

Other songs worth more than just mentioning are “The Faker”, with possibly our favorite hook, (“Ask your boss man for a raise\ tell your mother she better keep the change”). We also liked the lo-fi blues romp “Green Belly”, the hippie guitar anthem “The Hand”, and the perfect closing song “Stick Around”, all of which we’ll be looking forward to seeing performed live TONIGHT at Mercy Lounge. Don’t forget to get your tickets here and get to Grimey’s before 4:30 to see him in a much more intimate setting.

All in all, Manipulator is easily one of the best albums we’ve heard all year, even if other people think it would have fit better in 1974. Honestly, we wish there was more pure guitar rock out there these days, so we say rock on Mr. Segall! You’re more then welcome to hang out in 2014, at least in Music City anyway … and for all of you who are going to the show, be sure to bring a block of cheddar cheese, because this mother fucker will be shredding all night!

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