Death From Above 1979 Stream New Album, ‘The Physical World,’ Ahead of Nov. 4 Show at Marathon Music Works


Not a bad week for new releases, eh? It’s been 10 years since Canadian dance punk duo Death From Above 1979 made a splash with their beloved full-length debut, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, and, finally, against all odds, they’re prepping to drop a long-awaited followup, The Physical World. We’ve given you a taste of the first two singles, “Trainwreck 1979” and “Government Trash,” but, now, the wait is over, because the entire record is streaming on iTunes a week ahead of its Sept. 9 release.

Head HERE to stream The Physical World in full, and grab tickets here for the group’s upcoming Nov. 4 performance at Marathon Music Works. You can also catch them on the Late Show with David Letterman on Sept. 10, and revisit their new single, “Government Trash,” below.

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