[Review] Kansas Bible Company @ Acme Feed & Seed | Wednesday, July 28, 2014


Kansas Bible Company
Acme Feed & Seed; Nashville, TN
July 28, 2014

Review by Wes Davenport

Once new Nashvillians grow out of their touristy phase, Lower Broadway rarely merits a revisit. Acme Feed & Seed recently opened its doors to change that. The space steers clear of honkey-tonk territory with craft beer taps, inventive eats and a diverse music palette. By the same token, Acme doesn’t stray too far from the rest of Lower Broad with its classy Southern charm.

In the first of our weekly Tuesday showcase, Kansas Bible Company lit the Acme’s first floor stage up with a monster double set. Read on for the full review of the festival-happy band, as well as our take on Acme Feed & Seed, and stay tuned for information about our upcoming showcases.

Like a lot of you, we hadn’t been to Broadway for a show in a while, but Kansas Bible Company at Acme Feed & Seed delivered in spades. The psych-soul troupe delivered two 45 minute sets, with only a short 10 minute breather in between. These guys could run laps around The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade bands and still have enough left in the tank for a Bonnaroo-size set. Fan-favorites like “How to Build a Planet” shared set time with a trio of bombastic covers. We loved how “Feel Good Inc” translated into the KBC sound, and the call-and-response of “Bennie and the Jets” got plenty of love. Out of left field, Warren G’s seminal classic, “Regulate”, slapped smiles across everybody’s faces.

Kansas Bible Company.

In addition to a killer performance from KBC, we have to gush about Acme’s space. The 22,000 square foot complex is a stunner. For starters, it’s the only other downtown building besides the Ryman to tout historic status. It’s also the only multi-genre venue on Lower Broadway.

Four floors with unique personalities stack up to create Acme as a whole, like a Southern-flavored Voltron for music, food and booze. The first floor hosts our No Country Presents nights, as well as the restaurant. A bar and lounge dominates the 2nd floor, complete with vintage games and quirky swag ranged by American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe. The third floor is home to The Hatchery, where Hard Working Americans cut the ceremonial rock ribbon last night (review coming soon). The proverbial cherry, a rooftop bar, sits atop it all. The view is a stunner, and we can’t wait to yell down at tourists stumbling out of 2nd Ave.

We’re so impressed with Acme Feed & Seed, we’re going to feature our favorite local and emerging acts there every Tuesday evening for free. Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s lineup announcement. In the meantime, head over to Do615 for photos of Kansas Bible Company at Acme!

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