CHALAXY with Creature Comfort, Mom and Dad, The Suez @ Phat Bites TONIGHT


There’s a new spot that has recently opened up in the Donelson area, opening it’s doors to some incredible local Nashville music. No matter what you may be doing tonight, you need to head on over to Phat Bites for this 18+ FREE rock show, yes we said FREE. Featuring the insanely good experimental rock of CHALAXY, the groovin noise machine that is Mom and Dad, along with the refreshing alt-indie of Creature Comfort, and lastly but never least, the four piece surf pop dynamo that is The Suez. So, tonight at Phat Bites in the Donelson area starting a 9:30 PM will be a rip-roarious good time, make your way on over.


This enthusiastically inspiring four piece Nashville band has been grinding out their experimental psych rock for a little over two years now. CHALAXY made up of Taylor Cole, Alex Fun, Keenan Mack, and Andy Heath are absolutely electrifying throughout their live performance. These guys get what it means to put on one hell of a show. Pulling out attention grabbing tunes from their 2013 self-titled release CHALAXY like “My Best” and “Basilisk”, the groove is static and satisfying, taking you on a journey through lights, smoke, lasers, and whatever else they can find to throw at you. Get the feel in their recent music video for the single “My Best” right here.


Dripping with fuzz and oozing with a youthful pop-fueled angst the Murfreesboro natives Mom and Dad are simply doing what we all love, giving us their sloppy, lo-fi and upbeat musings one dose at a time. Their last full length release Cave Art is filled with an upbeat garage rock happy feel that honestly keeps you guessing your first time through the entire album, and your second, and your third. But, do not fret Mom and Dad’s welcomed invasion of our minds is far from over as they release single after single. Check out one of their latest treats “Queer Shakespeare” right here, and, in the words of Mom and Dad, this is, “A song about accepting that inner Hamlet and knowing when to put him to bed.”


Creature Comfort is getting back to it in all of the right ways. With a refreshing approach to the over-used and watered down indie-rock genre, these guys are driving with crisp cutting guitars, tantalizing beats, and a groove that picks you up and does not let you back down. If you doubt in any way, just check out their latest full length album Fox Tales with deep visceral ties to something new that hasn’t been felt in too long. For a look into their tantalizing dream land of layered riffs and duel vocals, check out “We Paid and We Fought” right here, then go see it live tonight.


These self proclaimed “surf pop-a-doo wop-a ding dong” Murfreesboro natives, The Suez, are going to be tearing it up starting at 10 PM with deep cutting bass riffs and vocals that pull on your heart strings like a child pulls on a parent’s hand. We could not think of a better local group to start out this deluge of excitement. Trickling with dream rock guitar riffs and punk-riddled organic style its impossible to not begin to feel the sand under your feet and thirst for a healthy shot of tequila. So come on out to Phat Bites tonight where all you will be missing is the sand during their set of mischief. Test prep your battle cry while listening to their single “Suez War Whoop” off their very recent self titled release The Suez.

CHALAXY, Mom and Dad, Creature Comfort, and The Suez will perform TONIGHT at Phat Bites. The show is 18+, begins at at 10 PM (doors at 9:30 PM), and there is NO COVER.

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