Nashville To Forecastle with Leagues

Forecastle 2014-620

Artist | Leagues
Stage & Time | Friday | WFPK Port Stage | 8:15 pm


We’ve been raving about Forecastle since the release of their impressive 2014 lineup, but we’re equally proud of the Nashville bands that made it onto that incredible bill.  We’re going to run through our hometown heroes this week with our Nashville to Forecastle series, and stick around next week when we run through our must see acts for each day of this year’s festival in Louisville’s Waterfront Park.  In the meantime, keep reading to find out more about Leagues!


Festivals take all types.  There are your rocker-types (like yesterday’s feature The Wans) that bob the heads, there are definitely folky types to chill you out, and there are headliner types that attracts the throng of crowds that pay for it all; but, the ever growing genre in the modern day music festival is the poppy dance rockers, and that is the exact need that Leagues is going to fill on Friday night.  Their slot in the festival lineup is near perfect too.  Spoon is going to attract a lot of attention, but that usually means the serious fans don’t want to be stuck in the masses.  Action Bronson will be putting on his new wave hip hop jams under the bridge, and that leave Leagues to possibly find the biggest fan boost of the Nashville bands at this years Forecastle Festival.

Nashville, by way of all over, it’s almost amazing that Leagues is with us today.  Tyler Burkum, Thad Cockrell, and Jeremy Lutito grew up in different parts of the country with different upbringings, different musical influences, and different paths.  However, all of them had a passion for music, from the music college graduate to the never give up high school drop out, this would prove to be their bond.  All ended up finding moderately successful careers in touring bands that led them to Nashville, but, after a chance meeting playing in Mat Kearney’s band, a spark was born.  A few weeks, Leagues sprouted into existence, and became yet another “Nashville” band on the rise.  The difference with Leagues was that they didn’t jump through the 8 off 8th hoops and seemingly endless cycle at The 5 Spot.  They first arose with a locomotive of momentum behind them with their infinitely catchy single “Spotlight”, and their path lay before them.  Today, we have their full length release You Belong Here, and a legitimately risen band from the local scene that sounds like they have been together for a decade.  Get familiar with a few of their tracks below, and make it a point to see these guys on Friday night!

LISTEN | “Mind Games”

Watch | “Spotlight”


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