[PREVIEW] Parquet Courts with Quailbones in the Blue Room at Third Man Records


By now we’re pretty sure you’ve already heard this epic, once in a lifetime show has SOLD OUT, but we still feel obligated to tell you about it, and mention that Parquet Courts have also released a a brand spanking new album entitled Sunbathing Animal earlier this week. Be sure to get your copy digitally or on wax ASAP, and if you’re lucky enough to have snagged a ticket for tonight’s show in the Blue Room at Third Man Records, we’ll see you there! As with any show in the Blue Room, be sure to bring some cash, so you can purchase your limited edition black and blue vinyl recording of the actual show, that is recorded straight to acetate in house! Only in Nashville …

If you’re one of the lucky ones (and you’re 18 +), doors open at 7 pm with the show said to begin “promptly” at 8 pm, so get there to check out warm-up act Quailbones. If you’re not so lucky, call in some favors, ask around on Craigslist, camp out at Third Man; we know some of you will. Do whatever you have to in order to get your ass in the door because tonight will be a doozy! If you’re uninformed about Parquet Courts or simply don’t believe us, click on the jump and find out more about the next band you NEED to get hip to.


We’ve already gushed about their last release, 2013’s Light Up Gold, and it even cracked our top-10 list for national releases of last year, but we’ll keep telling you how amazing Parquet Courts are until we’re blue in the face! Their indie garage rock guitars and post punk revival lyrics/singing give us hope for rock music at a time when mostly hog wash fills the charts and pollutes our radios. The four-man band, formed in Brooklyn around 2010, has been gaining acclaiming nationally and has been embraced by the underground scene as well. However, the last time they played Music City at The (now-defunct) Owl Farm in January 2013 it was sad sight to see, with not even half the tickets appearing to have been sold (lame). We’re encouraged that this Third Man show has sold out, but hopefully it’s not just because EVERYTHING at Third Man tends to sell out, thanks to the power of Jack White and team. Either way, there is little doubt in our minds that this show will kick ass and win over some fans for possibly the best indie rock band to come out in the last five years. Enjoy a video for their latest single “Sunbathing Animal” off their new album of same name.


Murray, Kentucky native garage rockers Quailbones will be getting things heated up in the opening spot, so be sure to get there early. Have a sample of the five-man band and their sound below, with the space trip vocally charged “Nervous Elect” and check out their debut EP Lord Dion’s House of Discovery.

Parquet Courts and Quailbones will perform TONIGHT in the Blue Room at Third Man Records. The show is 18+ , begins at at 8 pm (doors at 7 pm). This show is SOLD OUT.

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