The War On Drugs announce date at Marathon Music Works on October 13th!

The War on Drugs

October is a long time off to plan to see a show, but this one is worth getting excited about ahead of your fun filled summer.  The War On Drugs is the project of Philadelphia based songwriter Adam Granduciel, and, backed with some stellar talent (including Kurt Vile), the music wavers through varying rock genres.  What is pretty much accepted by all that have spent any time with the music of The War On Drugs is that the songwriting and musicianship are top notch.  Fans of Springsteen or (obviously) Kurt Vile should be immediately drawn in with the well crafted chilled out rock songs, but there are influences of early 80’s rock from the likes of Dire Straits as well as the 60s folk movement ala Dylan.  This is not always first listen kind of stuff, but we’re huge fans, and would be remiss not to get you guys on board for what is going to be a hell of a show.

This tour is in support of the 5th release from The War On Drugs, Lost In The Dream.  You can have a listen to the first single, “Red Eyes,” from lost in the dream below, and then head over to their Spotify page for the full catalogue. Your tickets are waiting for you here for a mere $20.  Don’t party your summer away only to realize that you missed out.

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