Porch Fest This Saturday in Nashville ft. MODOC, KOA, Astrochimps, Safe In Blue & more!

porch fest

Festivals like SXSW and CMJ all started small, and, regardless of what you may think of the festival atmosphere today, they all began as intimate non-commercialized gatherings.  Trust me, take it from a guy whom once loaned his coffeemaker to then rookie promoters SuperFly Productions (yes, they’re half of Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, and others) to appease one Bela Fleck.  So, enter Nashville’s Porch Fest to carry on the ideals and strengths of what the spirit of music is all about.  Local group What’s Hubbin’ has gathered enough force to warrant city-wide attention with their Porch Fest, and we think it deserves your consideration on Saturday for what could be your best, free, DIY shows of the weekend.

Ride on Porch Fest, we support you all the way! Get out and support in person, this Saturday, April 26. Full schedule below!

12-2pm – Local Honey (2009 Belmont Blvd)

12pm – Jenny Leigh 3
12:30pm – Chloe Kat & The Creatures
1:00pm – Gnarly Parkers

12:30-2:30pm – Beech House (2011 Beech Ave)

12:30pm – Joshua Melton
1:00pm – Pressure Kids
2:00pm – Abbey and the Guise
2:30pm – White Lady

1-3pm – The Rabbit Hole (1910 18th Ave South)

1:00pm – Keeps
1:30pm – Mount and Lion
2:00pm – Nodaway
2:30pm – Safe in Blue

1:30-3:30pm – SC Station (2705 Hawthorne Place)

1:30pm – Candle Kid
2:00pm – Sir Jack
2:30pm – Christmas Day
3:00pm – Astrochimps

2-4pm – The Cottage (1927 18th Ave S)

2:00pm – Kiley Evans
2;30pm – Mocha
3:00pm – Auction the Secret
3:30pm – Brave Town

2:30-4:30pm – Indigo House (1103 17th ave South)

2:30pm – Casey Derhak
3:00pm – Samm and the Get Down
3:30pm – Koa
4:30pm – MODOC

You can keep up Porch Fest on Facebook!

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