No Country For New Nashville Podcast | Episode 3: Vinyl Thief


We’re rolling in the podcast fever over here! We brought your our inaugural No Country For New Nashville Podcast episode, featuring Brooke Waggoner, and then we followed that up with JT Daly of Paper Route. We’re back again this month with episode three, and this time around we sat down for a chat with Grayson Proctor and Logan Purdom of Nashville electro rockers Vinyl Thief!

Vinyl Thief have been on our radar since their first EP release, Rebel Hill, and we continued our enthusiasm with their followup EP earlier this year, Stop Motion.  We’ve seen their dance-mandatory live show on more occasions than we have digits to count.  So, needless to say, we were obviously chomping at the bit to have them on our podcast! In this episode, Grayson and Logan sit down to discuss food (lots of it), fashion (sort of), influences, their progression as a band, loss, love, and the upcoming debut full-length, Fathoms.  Spoiler alert for this one: we’re debuting the ever dancable single “Compact” in this episode as well!  Have a listen, and remember to head out to see one of their first local shows in forever at The High Watt on April 11th!

As always, the podcast is led by host Brad Wilson (@Thebradwilson), and is made possible by producer Stan Edward (@stanedward).  The theme music composed by John Davis (formerly of Superdrag, and currently in The Lees Of Memory).

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