Hellogoodbye, Vacationer to Play 12th & Porter April 29


Though they both rose to prominence during the pop punk/emo boom of the ’00s, both Hellogoodbye (the musical vehicle of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentlist Forrest Kline) and Vacationer (a newish project/alias from The Starting Line’s Kenny Vasoli) have departed dramatically from that scene. Ditching their auto-tuned, synthed-out sound present on early hits like “Here (In Your Arms)” to showcase a stripped-down, genuine knack for penning straightforward pop songs with sophomore effort Would It Kill You?, Hellogoodbye’s latest, last year’s Everything Is Debatable, showcases yet another, logical transformation. These days they sound more akin to Passion Pit, laden with huge hooks, diverse instrumentation, dense, layered, atmospheric synth lines, and stronger songwriting than ever.

Vacationer, on the other hand, started as a chilled-out, electronic-infused, indie pop project, demonstrating Vasoli’s versatility and keen ear for crafting hypnotic, addictive pop songs. Though he sometimes uses the moniker to moonlight as a DJ (at last year’s Bonnaroo, for instance), Vactioner will, presumably, be playing as a full band for their upcoming headliner with Hellogoodbye, which stops at 12th & Porter on April 29. Additional support and general ticket info has yet to be announced, but special pre-sale bundles are available here.

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