Bonnaroo’s Roo Clues ’14: Number 11 & 12


We’ve come to the end, my friends. We’re back with a final, double helping of Roo Clues, just days before Bonnaroo makes the big 2014 lineup reveal. This year’s Roo Clues were are all Instagram based, and the final two, #11 and #12, were no different. We feel pretty good about our answers for clues 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10, and we think we’ve got the last two figured out as well! After the jump, check out who else you might see this summer on the farm!

Here’s Roo Clue #11:

And Roo Clue #12:

Let’s get to solvin’!

Roo Clue #11 is a closeup of what appears to be something frozen, however it’s the color of what might be beer or honey. Additionally, the Radio Bonnaroo hint was to consider the bigger picture. This is a tough one, but here’s what we’re thinking:

  • The obvious and on the nose answer, if this is, in fact, ice, would be Ice Cube. He’s been active lately and would be a good fit. However, Roo Clues as of late have been a bit more abstract, and the color of the photo would suggest there’s more to it. [verdict: probably not]
  • The clue could also be beer or nectar/honey, making Beck (Beck’s beer), BassnectarHoney Locust , or honeyhoney possible answers. Beck’s a strong possibility, but a little too big to reveal via Roo Clue. The last two, conversely, are a little too small. Bassnectar seems like a good bet, has played before, and has an open schedule, but still doesn’t feel like a perfect answer for this one. [verdict: possibly, not likely, not likely, and maybe]
  • Hear us out on this one: Bonnaroo has a history of booking novelty acts. “Weird Al” Yankovic last year, for instance. Performers who are sort of oddball choices on the festival circuit, but who make sense in the context of Bonnaroo’s weird little ecosystem. That said, we can’t shake the fact that this one looks like ice, but it’s clearly not clear ice, it’s amber tinted. Know what else is amber tinted? Vanilla. Yep, that’s our guess: Vanilla Ice. Probably late night. Hopefully in parachute pants. [verdict: uhhh hopefully]

Roo Clue #12 displays three cars, bearing logos for Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Hyundai,  on three separate roads, all of which merge together at a sign marked “25 MPH.” The radio stressed to pay attention to details, and there’s really only one answer we think this could be:

  • The “details” are the specific car logos, which, from left to right are Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Hyundai. MNH. Flip that around, NMH, an often used abbreviation for Neutral Milk Hotel. That alone wouldn’t sell it, but the rest of our reasoning seals the deal.
  • The three lanes? They merge together. Neutral Milk Hotel is famously signed to Merge Records.
  • What about the 25 MPH sign? 2014 marks Neutral Milk Hotel’s 25th anniversary. Combine that the fact that they’ve been active lately and are available Bonnaroo weekend, and this one’s a done deal. [verdict: definite]

Do you agree with our guesses? Think we’ll be seeing Vanilla Ice and Neutral Milk Hotel this summer in Manchester? Either way, it’s shaping up to be another exciting year!

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