Fall Out Boy Drop ‘Fall Out Bird’ Mobile Game | Catch Them July 13 @ Fontanel

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Were you one of the hopelessly addicted who jumped on the recent Flappy Bird craze? Devastated that the game was pulled with almost no warning? Well, you’re in luck, because rockers Fall Out Boy have you covered with their latest project: an homage/clone of the game called Fall Out Bird.

For the uninitiated, Flappy Bird was an endlessly addictive (and frustratingly hard) mobile game that swept smartphone users by storm over the past few weeks, only to be prematurely yanked by its developer, who was increasingly unhappy with all of the attention he was gaining. In it, the user simply guided a bird through a Mario-esque array of pipes by flapping, careful not to bump into obstacles or the ground. FOB’s version is basically the same, except with its band members inserted and guitars instead of pipes. The game, which comes five years after Fall Out Boy’s first foray into knockoffs, Fall Out Boy Trail, is available now on Google Play, and should arrive on the App Store any day now. Check out a trailer after the jump!

Prefer your Fall Out Boy fix in real life? As we announced last month, the rockers return to Nashville on July 13 for a show at The Woods at Fontannel with New Politics, a one-off break from their co-headling summer tour with Nashville natives Paramore. Tickets are on sale now, so get ’em while they’re hot!

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