Omega Swan Drops New Single “New Moon”

Omega Swan

Alright readers, listen up. I’d like to take a moment to lead you through a sort of mental exercise. Now, before you let out a dissatisfied sigh, let me assure you that no, you will not get sweaty from participating. Think of it as mid-afternoon mental stimulant to get your cranium perked up for the rest of the day. I’m just getting your brain juices flowing to improve your mental acuity, so, really, you should be thanking me. Anyway, this is a word categorization game. I’m going to list a few words, and you’re going to blurt out a category that all 5 words fit in, unless of course you’re in an office or classroom, in which case you should simply think the category as loudly as you can. Ready? Here we go:






What’d you think of? Your favorite underground bare knuckle boxing league? Maybe your most cherished Quentin Tarantino film? Those are justifiable guesses, but no. The answer is that all five words describe Omega Swan’s newest single. The track came out earlier today, January 8th, through Impulse Magazine. You can also find an interview with members of Omega Swan that hints at upcoming releases. The tune itself is titled “New Moon”, and, let us tell you, it is indeed simultaneously grungy, badass, rowdy, captivating, and even steamy, though we might have to let you decide that last one for yourself. The free digital single comes to us from Omega Swan’s debut album from last summer, OS-1. You can download the single for free through Soundcloud, or you can listen to it after the jump.

Oh good, you made it! You wouldn’t believe how many people would read a few paragraphs about a song without actually listening to the song. I know, right? Anyway, here it is, “New Moon” by Omega SwanEnjoy!

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