[The Weeks’ Week] Day 4: Turbo Fruits | Catch Them 11.23 @ Mercy Lounge


This weekend, Nashville (by way of Mississippi) rockers The Weeks will be taking over Mercy Lounge for a two-night stand, featuring two different fantastic local and regional openers each night. Can you think of a better way to spend your last weekend before the holidays kick into high-gear? We can’t. Check out the schedule below:

FRI (11.22): The Weeks w/ Sleeper Agent & Chrome Pony (TIX)
SAT (11.23): The Weeks w/ Turbo Fruits & Buffalo Rodeo (TIX)

All week long, we’re celebrating The Weeks’ Week, where we’ll tell you more about a different great act from the lineup each day. We kicked things off with first night opener Chrome Pony before following up with Buffalo Rodeo, who will open night two. Next we told you about Sleeper Agent, who will provide direct support on Friday. Today, we’re bringing you the scoop on Nashville’s own TURBO FRUITS, who will support on night two. If you like what you hear, be sure to snag your tickets. In addition to single nights, which cost just $12, weekend passes are available for $20. Both nights are 18+, and begin at 9 p.m., with doors at 8.

The Weeks WRLT Presents

After the jump, get to know Turbo Fruits:

Born out of the ashes of Be Your Own Pet, a group whose members would go on to take part in countless great projects, including JEFF the Brotherhood, Turbo Fruits were formed by frontman Jonas Stein, and are now rounded out by guitarist Kingsley Brock, bassist Dave McCowen, and drummer Matt Hearn (Turbo Fruits themselves have been around long enough to spawn their own spinoff acts, like Natural Child). A little bit punk, a little bit garage rock, and unabashed in their surf rock and power pop tendencies, Turbo Fruits are a high-energy, no BS, party-starting rock and roll romp of a band. We’ve seen (and written) about them numerous times over the past few years, and can testify firsthand that not only do they continue to get better and better, but the enigmatic rock group have never once delivered anything less than a stellar performance.

Though their 2007 eponymous debut and their 2009 followup, Echo Kid, merit praise in their own right, it was last year’s Butter that really helped catapult Turbo Fruits into the critical buzz stratosphere (and landed them on our best of 2012 list). Building on the blueprint of the sound that they had laid out, and pulling from years of hard work, road worn-drive, and a general honing and tightening of their sound, Butter takes everything we’ve always loved about Turbo Fruits and cranks it up a notch. Between poppy retro throwbacks like “Harley Dollar Bill$,” earnest sing-alongs like standout single “Sweet Thang” (see below), and fuzzy, hynpotic closer “Ain’t the Only One Having Fun,” the record runs the gamut of what the group are best at, with a greater clarity, maturity, and refinement than ever before. A wonderful asset to The Weeks’ Weekend, Turbo Fruits are one of the most talented bands in the Nashville rock scene, and, alone, would be worth the trek to Mercy Lounge this weekend!

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