Watch Critters Galaxy’s Uncomfortable Interview w/ Ri¢hie

Critters Galaxy Richie

We’ve brought you some past episodes of the hysterical Critters Galaxy video series, and the most recent ep. includes Road To Bonnaroo winner, Ri¢hie. What makes this one stand out is the impossibly uncomfortable interview style from the hysterical host, Critter. Poor Ri¢hie just seems lost in an alternate psychedelic pizza universe for most of the interview, but that just adds to the hilarity. Sorry Ri¢hie, we’re laughing with you, bro, not at you. It’s hard to downplay the dramatic interpretation of the long-time Nashville joke, “How do you get a musician to leave your house? Pay for the pizza.” Kudos on the very professionally done “e-cig” commercial in the middle of the interview as well.

Check out the interview below, and head to Critters Galaxy to check out more great episodes… like this one featuring Cage The Elephant.

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