[FIRST LISTEN] Check Out Ponzi’s “Blood Pulse”


We’ve given you the rundown on Nashville electro-pop outfit VITEK numerous times in the past, and, on occasion, we’ve filled you in on its talented members’ various other projects. The latest offshoot, Ponzi, comes from VITEK bassist Brady Surface. We’re excited to premiere “Blood Pulse,” a brand new track from Ponzi and the first single from his forthcoming debut EP. Synth-laden, textured, and calling on dream pop and post-punk influences, the song was recorded using just a Nord keyboard and drum samples, mixed by frequent VITEK collaborator Ryan McFadden, and mastered on analogue tape by Jeremy Ferguson (an effect that really gives the track some meat on its bones).

Check out quote on why Brady chose “Blood Pulse” to be his first single:

“Besides being very hooky, one of the other decisions for making this the first single off of the EP is because it really embodies the sound that I want Ponzi to move towards. The record certainly explores some different places even though it’s all still very electronic in nature, and “Blood Pulse” was the very last song that I wrote and recorded for the album. While it encourages you to dance, it’s also encourages you to just go out and live. We are frozen, stuck in a rut, stagnant until we take bloom. So, if there’s a blood pulse, there’s always room to move. To dance. To grow. To love. A lot of my songs can get a little brooding (understatement of the year) so I like to balance that out and cheer myself up and write tunes like these and give the more dejected side hope. As I hope it will for anyone who listens to it.”

Listen to “Blood Pulse” after the jump!

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