Chelsea Lankes Premieres Haunting New Single, “Ghost”


Nashville-based indie/electro pop singer Chelsea Lankes has returned with a new single, “Ghost,” her first since last year’s Ringing Bell EP. Like that EP, “Ghost” showcases Lankes’ dynamic range, pop sensibilities, smart lyricism, and impressive ear for composition, but is also a bit of a musical departure, or at least a logical progression. Set to appear on a new EP, Lucid (look for it in February), “Ghost” is darker, more refined, and more focused than any of the singer’s previous efforts. As the name would imply, the track is haunting; chock-full of lush, sweeping synth lines, atmospheric textures, and dense, earthy vocal production. The song all at once feels more layered than anything on Ringing Bell, yet allows every word to breathe and land with a specific, hypnotic weight and earnestness that lingers in your mind long after the track is finished. A welcome foil to the more EDM-rooted, hyper energetic electro pop singer wave of late, Chelsea Lankes possesses an inherent confidence, subdued sound, and vocal prowess that sets her apart from anything that could be considered just a trend. She’s one of Nashville’s best kept secrets, and her upcoming EP is now one of our most anticipated releases of 2014.


After the jump, give “Ghost” a listen. If you like what you hear, you can snag it on iTunes for just $.99.

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  2. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Chelsea, you are amazing!! Just heard your song “Ghost” for the first time today and fell in love. Now I am on youtube listening to every song you do. I love your Coldplay cover “Yellow”….keep up the GREAT work girl. You are awesome and deserve more audience & fans!!


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