[Review + Release] *repeat repeat, El El, and Ponychase Released Singles At The Basement on Saturday Night. Hear Them Here!


Saturday at The Basement was an evening of single releases.  We previewed that event for you guys last week, and were blown away by Saturday’s crowd.  What made it even more special than getting new singles from three of Nashville’s best pop groups?  Dancing.  People were dancing!  Wow… you just don’t see that very often anymore, but it is a sign of what we love about Nashville’s independent music scene.  From the surf-inspired and playful pop of *repeat repeat to the worldly, danceable, sweet tracks of El El to the synthy, 80’s inspired grooves of Ponychase, there was a little something for everyone that night.  We’ve already teased you with the new release, “Kiss Kiss” from El El and we included Ponychase’s new single in our last This Weekend in Nashville.  After the jump, you can listen to those again, but we’ve also got the new single, “History” from *repeat repeat as well.  If you haven’t gotten out to see these bands yet, well, I guess we’ve identified the problem with your danceless evenings.  Now, it is up to you to remedy your ailment.

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