[VIDEO] See How DCXV Spent Their Summer Vacation (with a Little Help from El El)


DCXV, the creators of “I Believe in Nashville,” are one of our favorite clothing companies in town. And El El, a group we’ve told you about numerous times, and who just blew us away at their single release show (where they debuted one of the best Frank Ocean covers we’ve ever seen), are one of our favorite new bands in town. So, when we discovered that DCXV and El El had joined forces to bring you a new promotional video, about how DCXV spent their summer vacation, we couldn’t help but share. The video highlights the re-painting of the famous 12 South “I Believe” mural, shows off what summer is like in Music City, and features plenty of concert footage, including an El El performance at Exit/In, all set to El El’s “40 Watt.”

DCXV are set to debut their fall line and shop remodel, Thursday, Sept. 19 at their storefront on Porter Rd. The DCXV-sponsored Nashville Pioneers will host a pep rally (dance party) the following night, Sept. 20, at The 5 Spot. More information can be found here.

Keep an eye on the site tomorrow, for a recap of El El’s single release show at The Basement. After the jump, find out how DCXV spent their summer vacation

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