[Hump Day Diversion] Independence Rocks

Hello and Happy Hump Day Friends! And it’s not just any old middle of the week this week. No, this is a special, magical Hump Day… because here we are together in the quiet hours before sweet, sweet ‘Merica’s birthday. The day we celebrate our liberty, our freedom, and our general dominance in most Olympic sports (plus Mars roving). And in order to ensure you’re appropriately jeeped up on the requisite amount of unfounded arrogance / senseless-bravado-of-first-world-privilege, we bring to you the most patriotic (non-country, because that’s why the whole genre exists, amirite?) jams in history. America, FUCK YEAH!

The ALL TIME GREATEST anthem ever courtesy Team America: World Police

The Boss (not actually so patriotic, but topical)

Hendrix melting the faces off the Woodstock crowd with the old “Star Spangled Banner”

The late, great Elliott Smith‘s stunning “Independence Day”

X does “4th of July”

Miley partying in the U.S.A

Pavement ruminates on the emancipation from the monarch’s control

Aimee Mann gets in on the independence action

And, only loosely related, but totally your jam when you’ve had one too many hard lemonades: Katy Perry‘s “Firework.”

Now, stare into the majesty that is this patriotic gif below, get your glamorous game face on, and prepare to day drink your way into carelessly setting off explosives… because it’s your birthday, USA!


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  1. Happy Hump Day to everyone! I want to thank all the staff at Channel 2 for airing my interview this morning and evening.



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