The Return of Thunderbitch?


As you might recall, back in December we covered what was billed as Thunderbitch‘s “first and last show.” The no-bs rock and roll side project, which features Brittany Howard of the Grammy-nominated Alabama Shakes, along with members of Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks, played their supposed one-and-done set at the unlikely location of East Nashville’s Ghot Wingz.

You might also recall that we posted a review and message to Thunderbitch the following week, begging for more. Between Grammys, tours, and other nonstop activities from its members’ full-time projects, Thunderbitch has been silent ever since.

That is, until two weeks ago when the band simply posted “April” on their Facebook wall. Today, Thunderbitch is teasing us a little more, with a slightly more specific “April 25.”

What could it mean? A show? An album? A tour? Something else entirely? We’ll take all of the above, please! For now, check out a Thunderbitch jam below:

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