Miley Cyrus is a Twerkin’ Unicorn

I’ve been saying this for awhile, but Miley Cyrus seems a lot cooler than she’s often given credit for. The Nashville-born, Disney-bred, pop singer/actress/offspring of country’s most famous mullet has been sparking more talk about her personal life than her music lately, but I’m giving her upcoming record, The Danger Zone, the benefit of the doubt.

With her solid taste in music, rapper associations, and production help from the likes of Pharrell and Dr. Luke, it might just be a shift to pop worth taking about. Let’s not forget- our boy Justin Timberlake came from Disney beginnings as well.

But why the coolness as of late? She’s just being Miley, y’all, and this is exactly what being Miley entails these days:

Yesterday Cyrus tweeted this picture of her young self and Gollum, boosting both her nerd cred and sense of humor.


The day before, she tweeted this random picture of herself in a unicorn onesie. Why the unicorn onesie? Find out after the jump!


It’s for twerkin’ to J Dash (ft. Flo Rida)’s “WOP,” of course! Watch the amazing video below:

Now tell me you don’t love Miley just a little bit more. And it’s not just us, Miley’s video earned cosigns from the likes of French, Pharrell, Amber Rose, and even Jasper from Odd Future.

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