Hump Day Diversion: Splash-back

The current object of my affection (read: obsessive Facebook stalking) shared this gem from the video vault yesterday and it got me thinking…

Why was everyone always jumping into swimming pools on MTV in the 90s? Was it inspired by the now iconic (and now, all grown-up) baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind? Did it symbolize the spirit of a particularly angsty (and aquatic) subcultural undercurrent that rode out the end of the 20th century? It probably just looked cool and was inexpensive… but we’ve collected some highlights for today’s diversion.

PJ Harvey takes a trip “Down By The Water”

The Smashing Pumpkins’ classic

The Breeders splash around a bit…

The 2 hour Shakespeare-inspired music video that was Luhrmann’s modernized R+J

Ok, The Flaming Lips are technically featuring an outdoor bathtub

And Fiona is taking a dip in a very large indoor hot tub?

This is actually from 2001, but 90s hangover…

And the mother of all music videos featuring swimming pools below:

What did we miss? Share your favorite music videos that made a splash in the comments!

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