Bonnaroo Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow | We’ve Got Details & Band Previews!

Bonnaroo-2013Have you guys recovered from that stellar Bonnaroo lineup announcement yet? Paul McCartney, R. Kelly, Wu-Tang, and Wilco? We’re sold. Not only is it an amazing year for top-tier bands, but we’re equally (if not more) excited for the incredible small and mid-level ‘Roo acts as well! With a lineup this good, you’ll definitely want to snag your ticket as soon as you can! If you weren’t one of the optimistic ‘Roovians who grabbed a presale ticket back in the fall before the lineup was announced, you’ll want to jump on it when the general on sale begins tomorrow, Saturday, February 23rd at 12PM eastern (11c)!

The 4-day fest has a habit of selling out. In recent years, tickets have been scarce as early as May (and often the only thing left will be pricey V.I.P. packages), but with a Beatle on the bill, we’re betting this will be the fastest-selling year yet! We’ve got answers to all of your ticketing questions, as well as band previews, below.


For you ‘Roo newbies, or you old vets that need a refresher, here’s what you need to know:

  • Tickets go on sale TOMORROW, February 23rd at 12PM eastern (11AM central), and are available right here.
  • As with previous years, there are limited quantities of tickets in each price level. The longer you wait, the more expensive your ticket will be. General admission price levels are: $234.50, $254.50, and $269.50. On top of that, expect to pay a fee of $26.30 for each ticket (why they don’t just tack that onto the advertised price is beyond us). There’s also a $13.50 shipping fee.
  • If you’re more of a baller type, you can snag a pair of V.I.P. tickets for $1,449.50 (plus a fee of $80.90). This will nab you your own entrance, preferred parking, better showers, access to lounges, and a special viewing area for the big stages.
  • If you’re really rich and want to impress your other really rich friends, there’s an even more V.I.P. option called Roll Like a Rockstar. You literally get the rockstar treatment: airport transportation, tour bus, open bar, private stage viewing, a 24-hour concierge, and more. This ridiculous package is so expensive that the price isn’t even published.
  • Your ticket includes parking and a standard campsite, but if you plan to bring an RV, you’ll need a separate pass. Options and info are all here.
  • As in previous years, Bonnaroo is offering a payment plan option. If you need your ticket now but can’t pony up all of the dough, you have the option of paying in installments (the number of which depend on the date of purchase). It’ll end up setting you back about the same as the most expensive GA ticket, so all and all it’s not a terrible deal. More info here.
  • Tickets come in the form of an RFID bracelet, which must be worn all weekend and scanned to enter and exit the festival. Don’t even think about trying to forge one or sneak in, they’ve gotten way too futuristic for you. Tickets are expected to arrive in late spring.

Since Bonnaroo is only 111 days away (but who’s counting?), we’ve also decided to tackle something new this year. Starting tomorrow, we’re going to highlight a different Bonnaroo band every single day on the site. We’ll start with the smaller bands, so you’ll have a chance to hopefully discover some new artists to check out when festival time rolls around. The plan’s to make it all the way though the lineup and, unless they add a ton more bands, we’ve got just enough time! For you impatient types, we’ve also put together our very own Bonnaroo 2013 Preview Playlist on Spotify! We’ve got tracks from every band on the bill, and we’ll be adding and updating, so be sure to subscribe here! Check out the entire playlist below:

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