East Nashville Underground: Saturday Night Session

Winter 2013 East Nashville Underground

Yesterday, Mr. Obenschain gave y’all a preview snippet of the Saturday Day Session of the East Nashville Underground Festival. But now it’s time for all the marbles, for the cat’s pajamas, for the win, for the children, for the future, and most importantly sobriety! This is the final countdown. Translation: This final session of the Winter 2013 East Nashville Underground Festival is going to be Epic, possibly more so than the Faith No More song of the same name. Go check it out at the East Room on Gallatin Ave, right by that there Subway. Ok let’s begin:

You’ve got the Western edgy rock of The Golden Spurs hitting all audible cylinders as you cruise down the American interstate of your choice. Check out the album Highway Songs below:

COIN provides the listener with an electronic pop sensibility that features some interesting, song-oriented sound schemes. Check out the Saturdays EP, full of swirly indie party pop, below:

Check out the cut and dry sound of Tesla Rossa’s song “Kinetic” below:

Co-Headliners James Wallace and Naked Light were a pleasant surprise when I saw them at the Mercy Lounge 10th anniversary show at The High Watt. They sparked hints of the Caribbean. Listen to the track “Colored Lights” below.

Co-Headliners Moon Taxi apparently aren’t the jam band I thought they once were. They’ve matured into a band that writes some pretty catchy songs, including “Mercury.” Check it below:

Followed by The Wans. Check out the self-titled EP below:

And finally, to close out the night, DJ That Guy. Sorry DJ That Guy, I couldn’t find your music on the internet. So, don’t be that guy. Send us a link to your music and we’ll put it up here.

Don’t miss this show, man. Still not convinced? Listen what Jared has to say:

Get your wristbands here. 


  1. The Tesla Rossa song is great, I wish I could be there tonight!

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