Torres Is Playing At Grimeys For Free today at 6pm

Those of you not at The Basement on Friday night (that includes us) have probably read all about local songstress Mackenzie Scott (d.b.a. Torres) over at Nashville Cream.  While I was blissfully ear to ear smiling at The Belcourt Theater watching Dave Grohl (and dozens of other megastars) make unbelievable sounds on a particular Neve mixing console, at least 200 of you were smashed into The Basement listening to possibly the next emotive indie songstress in the vein of a Natasha Khan (d.b.a. Bat For Lashes) or Chan Marshall (d.b.a. Cat Power) or Sharon Van Etten (d.b.a. Sharon Van Etten).

Pitchfork slapped the “Best New Music” tag on her new track “Honey,” and Steve Haruch, of the aforementioned Cream, has some fairly fine words to say as well.  Read those review links above, and most importantly do your own review while listening to the track “Honey” below.

If you like what you hear, head over to Grimeys tonight for a FREE set starting at 6pm.  The hype is brewing, and you never know if this could be a once in a lifetime sort of thing, as is described in Mr. Grimey’s Facebook post yesterday.

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