BREAKING: Nashville Pioneers to Host Press Conference | No Country Live Stream @ 2:30PM!


A few weeks ago, we brought you news of the Pioneers, Nashville’s official basketball team (by default). Word of the hoopsters seemed to create quite a stir, and left folks with more questions than answers: What’s the team all about? When/where is the first game? Why do these handsome lads look so familiar?  What’s up with half the team not being pictured? Can I be a Pioneer too? How exactly does Nash ball so hard?

Well, the team has listened and they’ve called their first official press conference, scheduled to begin this afternoon at 2:30PM. No Country will be there to cover it, and we’ll be live streaming the whole thing below (or you can watch directly on our Ustream channel here). We’ll also be posting live updates on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, so be sure to follow us on both!

[ustream id=12863917 live=1 hwaccel=0 width=480 height=296]

UPDATE: Here’s our highlight video from the conference, in case you missed the live stream or want to relive its best moments (you can still watch the full stream on our Ustream channel above):

You can find more about the Pioneers on their official website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and show Pioneer pride by snagging some gear from the team’s official webstore. And don’t forget to tag your Pioneers talk on social media with #nashballsohard.

Nashville Pioneers


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