Natural Child, Fly Golden Eagle, Thunderbitch, James Wallace, & Promised Land are playing Saturday!

I was flipping through Songkick yesterday looking for upcoming shows to write about, and found the listing for Natural Child, Fly Golden Eagle, Thunderbitch, James Wallace & The Naked Light playing on Saturday at an unknown venue.  How does that happen?  How does a show with that caliber of local rock flavor make it onto Songkick, but no one know’s where it is?  Is this a secret show announcement?

We’ve written quite a bit about Natural Child, Fly Golden Eagle, and James Wallace & The Naked Light.  We’ve been hearing about Thunderbitch, and honestly just haven’t stepped up to the plate to write a single blog post about what is probably the most exciting side project going on in the local scene.  Thunderbitch is the new project featuring members of Fly Golden Eagle, Clear Plastic Masks, and the lead voice, Brittany Howard, from the Grammy nominated Alabama Shakes.  [update: according to their Facebook page, this is “Thunderbitch’s first and last show”.  So, you might want to double your efforts to get over there.]  You also have a late addition of relative newcomer (who we’ve also been too lazy to get into our digital forum) Promised Land.

We didn’t put the venue for this awesome show announcement into the title, because I didn’t think that you would believe it.  This awesomeness is happening over at Ghot Wingz!  That’s right, this show is happening at that wing joint with the arrow pointing down the hill under Foobar.  You can read the full write up with embedded players for all the bands over at Nashville Cream, but, below, you the can see a photo of the inside of this joint.  Needless to say, you may want to get there early, or you’ll freeze your ass off listening outside the window.

Things get started around 8:30, and kegs of beer are promised.  It’s unknown if this is included in your $10 admission, so bring a few extra ducats with you for liquid holiday cheer.  Get out and see some live music!

Ghot Wingz


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