Alt-J (∆) Is Coming To Mercy Lounge. Tickets On Sale Today!

Have you spent any time getting to know ?  That’s right… their name is .  You make that cute little symbol by typing Alt-J on your computer.  Go ahead, try it.  I’ll wait.  Ok, so now that you how to do it, you also know how to pronounce their name “alt j”. 

So, this pack of British musicians claimed their name, Alt-J (∆), because in mathematics it symbolizes change, and the forming of Alt-J (∆) came at a turning point in their lives.  Guitarist-Bassist Gwil Sainsbury, Guitarist-vocalist Joe Newman, drummer Thom Green & Gus Unger-Hamilton on keyboards are the best of college friends that started in their dorm room at Leads University in 2007.  Five years, and countless “Mountain Dews”, later they find their debut full length, An Awesome Wave, the winner of England’s Mercury Prize for Best Album.

To me the ∆ in their music is the sonic change that the album bounds through from song to song.  From the middle eastern influenced “Taro” to the harmonized Mumford and Son vocals of “Mathilda” while “Something Good” opens with a bass line that sounds like Radiohead’s Kid A all grown up.  Their track “Fitzpleasure” has gotten tons of airplay on my headphones lately, and continues to impress with each listen.  From the monk like chant opening, that follows up with a falsetto impression that would have Nina Simone perking her ears… and then that bass line, followed by the sweet touches of guitar and keyboard.  Don’t get too comfortable though, because sparkling Who-like riffs are going to be pouring through your ears about 1:45 in.  Give it a couple of listens through some headphones or a HiFi, and tell me you can’t find ∆ in this.

So, why am I spending all this time telling you about a British band?  Because tickets went on sale at 10am this morning for their March 18th show over at Mercy Lounge.  Don’t wait, don’t think.  Hit play below, and do what you need to do.

and then I haven’t even talked about the very, very remix friendly track “Breezeblocks”

I want to see you at this show.  Hit us up on the Facebook to let us know if you are going, and be sure to tag us @NoCountryNash on Instagram with your best pics of the show, or even of the sheer joy on your face when you score your tickets.

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