Black Sea Royalty release debut EP tomorrow!

I was recently fortunate enough to attend the Nash Up hosted by the Metro Nashville Arts Commission and The Nashville Scene at the Frist. For more on what that was about, go here, and know that it was an excellent endeavor. Major highlight: Tennessee boy-made-good by way of Peewee’s Playhouse, Wayne White. Local music fans may remember his painting from the album cover of Lambchop’s “Nixon.”  Speaking about the record, White relayed a great insider’s tale that proves just how full of it music journalists often are as apparently the band just really liked that painting and named the record after it once the album was already finished… but rock writers dedicated tons of ink to deciphering its allegory to Nixon’s administration and subsequent political implications. The moral of the story? Don’t believe what we write, we’re guessing like the rest of you guys.

Aside from the extreme awesome that was the presence of Wayne White, one of the most interesting topics explored during the Nash Up was Nashville as a major point of relocation for all kinds of creative types. Music City is in some ways both the Mecca and the Oz for earnest musicians with big dreams. And this brings me to Black Sea Royalty. BSR is a great example of a band full of members that came to Nashville from all over to make a life and a little noise. They’re new on the scene but are already developing a deep appreciation for the community of musicians working here and are looking to reach listeners with their debut self-titled EP (released digitally on October 30th, physical copies slated for December 4 – tomorrow!)

We chatted with the band to get to know them a bit better. Read up to get friendly and check out the media for some sounds.


No Country: What’s happening for your band right now that you really want folks to know about?
Black Sea Royalty: We recently released our debut self-titled EP digitally on October 30th. We will be releasing physical copies of our debut on December 4th. We are in the early stages of our live presence but have developed a cinematic, dynamic live show, and are booking shows and reaching out to new fans and opportunities.

NC: What makes your band unique in the Nashville scene?
BSR: We want to connect with people. We are not trying to make music strictly based upon popularity. We are writing music we love and we are not trying to sound like anyone else. We just love music and we love to play it for people, and connect with people and we have fun when we play. We want to be personal with all of our fans and not just be a musician they like but a friend they can hang with. We try and make our music sound as good as we can and keep our love of music on the forefront with our grit and soul. We like big choruses and we love to bring out emotions in our songs. We are trying to give people a full experience when they listen to our music. We are trying to bring out feelings and emotions from our listeners. We look at each song as if it is a piece of film that tells a story and reaches out to someone, basically what it comes down to is: if our songs make people feel something as well as make them want to party.

NC: What other local bands do you really love?
BSR: There are so many great local bands. We like the bands that have some soul and grit. Some of our favorite acts are Sol Cat, Heavy Sole, Hawkboy, Fly Golden Eagle, The Electric Hearts, The Whigs, The Features, Casa Castile, Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, Ravello… the list goes on.

NC: What’s next for you?
BSR: Playing shows, shows and more shows. Rocking out as hard as we possibly can for any of our fans, fans to be, or for that matter anyone who is walking past the venue we are playing at. We are constantly developing our live set and putting our specific touches on every little aspect we can think of. We are constantly writing new material and experimenting with new sounds and new instruments to broaden our sound and appeal. We have already been working on our next release which we plan to release in unique form in early 2013. We are looking to set up a tour in the near future and are taking advantage of any opportunities that we are given.

NC: What’s do you love about your adopted home town?
BSR: What we love most, besides the food, is that we are all recent transplants to Nashville. We all met in Nashville from across the nation and love how much culture and art we find in this town every day. We have met so many great musicians and found so many great outlets for our music in this town.

For more with Black Sea Royalty: Facebook | Twitter | Downloads | Itunes | Website


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