Passion Pit cancels tour… but you could check out Snicklefritz instead!

It seems like Marathon can’t catch a break these days.  They had that power outage about 6 songs into the Keane set, and had to cancel the rest of the show.  Passion Pit was set to headline an awesome show tonight in Nashville, but apparently someone in the “pit” isn’t happy.  They have cancelled their remaining summer tour.  No word yet on the Future Islands/Kishi Bashi portion of the evening, but we’ll tweet out some info later today if they are still playing.

So, assuming the openers don’t play tonight, what are you going to do since you have already mentally and physically prepared for a late Monday night?  A little birdy told me that Cherub is playing a secret 8 off 8th set under the moniker of Snicklefritz at Mercy Lounge tonight.  Cherub was recently honored with a 12 Tennessee bands you should listen to now title, and will certainly fulfill your need to get your groove on tonight in Nashville.

Don’t despair, folks.  Get out and see some live music tonight!

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