Big Announcement! SXSW Preview Show On Sunday At The Basement!

Do you want to go to SXSW to check out some of the biggest up and coming bands in the country when they converge on Austin, TX?  Yeah, life doesn’t always work out like that.  So, how about we help you out and bring some of these bands to you!  No Country For New Nashville has teamed up with the Basement to bring you a SXSW Preview Show this Sunday evening in Nashville.

We have received quite a few requests by touring bands to find a place to play in Nashville on their pilgrimage to Austin, and we were lucky enough to bring together five solid acts that are going to be playing in and around Austin during the festival next week.  So, please come out, support our blog, support The Basement, and support these up and coming bands on Sunday.  We even convinced The Basement to get things started at 7pm so you can have more fun on a school night.  Atta boy!  Tickets are a mere $5, so get out and see some live music!

Casey Desmond

This little popstress probably got her biggest national audience performing on NBC’s The Voice, and now she is taking her high energy synthy dance pop on tour.  She has won more awards than I even care to start typing in here, and you’ll also see that she is connected to our own Jeff The Brotherhood (sort of).  Regardless, this music is truly infectious, and will be a great way to get the booty moving while the beers are kicking in.  I’ve attached some of her tracks and remixes below (those on an iPhone click here).

Battle Ave.

We told you about this band from upstate New York some time ago, and they are still on heavy rotation over here.  It’s a guitar heavy, Americanized Wu-Lyf that makes me jump up and down and cheer for post rock.  You can read the full write up we did on them here, and I’ll slap that player back up here, so you can relive the magic of your first time.

The Amboys

Here’s another of our recent finds that have been on steady rotation around here, and we are really excited to see them.  This band hails from New Jersey, but sounds like a band that would be in residence at 12th & Porter soon.  I’ve already written up a post to get you familiar with them, so I am not going to reiterate it all here.  So, click play on their player below, and click here to read all about them.


Goldrush is from Richmond, VA, and this band is something that is definitely new and fresh.  It’s a mixture of classical, interjected with pop hooks galore, and a bit of that old fashioned rock n’ roll.  It’s a kind of like a famous 17th century composer remixed some Beatles tracks, and Tom Waits decided to cover it before he smoked a million cigarettes.  Does that make sense to you?  Give it a listen and see if you can hear what I mean.


Andrew Leahey

Andrew is a musician with a significant curriculum vitae from cutting licks on the guitar starting at the age of six and singing at Julliard.  He spent the majority of his 20’s writing for some of the most influential music rags in the business, and now he has brought his licks to the Music City.  You can hear the influences of Ryan Adams and Tom Petty while channeling some of the older country licks that made Nashville famous.  You can take a listen to some select tracks from his debut record below (click here on your iPhone).

This is going to be (hopefully) the first of many of these that we put together, so get out and be a part of the debut show!

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