Youth Lagoon, The Basement, Tonight In Nashville

Thursday is mini-Friday, right?  Yeah, you know that.  So what are you going to do tonight in Nashville?

I think you should get out to see the wonder kid that all the blogs are talking about… Youth Lagoon.  He’s the 22-year old Trevor Powers that wrote a truly awesome debut album to help him get through a troubling time in his life.  We talked about Youth Lagoon with the release of the debut record, and again when we found out that they were coming to Nashville, and we are pretty pumped to see them tonight at The Basement in Nashville.  Trevor, as so many are doing, wrote and recorded most of his aptly-named debut record, The Year Of Hibernation, in his bedroom playing all the instruments and using relatively crappy recording equipment.  That lo-fi recording method left a special sound in that dreamy pop record.  I’m not alone on that thinking, Pitchfork threw it a Best New Music tag, as well.

Rumor had it that Trevor had no intention of forming a band, and wanted to keep doing things himself, and  I wondered how that would translate into a live show.  I recently heard a radio DJ talking about seeing Youth Lagoon, and said, “if [he] remembered correctly, Trevor has enlisted the help of one other guy and put on an awesome show lit only by a single light bulb.”  Translated that means, the show was great and so were the drinks.  I like both of those things, and you like both of those things, so…

Things get started around 9pm at The Basement tonight with openers Young Magic, LYLAS (images of Tim Burton dryhumping, hahaha… Nice, DPR) and German Error Message.  You can check out some tracks from Young Magic’s 7″ on their bandcamp site.  I’ve attached the player with almost all of Youth Lagoon’s debut record below.  It is going to be a pretty fun night, so get out and see some live music.

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  1. I downloaded some of the Youth Lagoon material and these guys have what it takes to make it to the top. I don’t think they will though. It might be too commercial for them.


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