Hanzelle, The 5 Spot, Tonight In Nashville….

Tonight in Nashville….

It’s Thursday…. and, we always call that “mini Friday”.  It’s the night that you can go out with less hassles with lines, parking, super partiers, and let’s face it… you can usually afford to go into work a little tired on Friday.  So, what are you going to do on your Thursday night in Nashville?  How about Hanzelle at The 5 Spot in East Nashville?

Hanzelle is a Nashville (well, Murfreesboro) 5-piece that has a distinct ethereal electro-chamber-pop sound.  Casey Kaufman’s sweet, breathy vocals flutter above the fuzzy orchestra.  The cello and upright bass (something I love in music) require patience for some ears, but both produce such a full sound that, if performed correctly, create an unforgettable harmonized ambiance.  While, the drums punctuate the playful synths to carry the listener up and down the musical roller coaster.

Music is such a subjective thing to write about and recommend.  Sometimes, I find it impossible to explain how music makes me feel (no, not because I force myself to write about music everyday), but it just strums some chord in my emotional subconscious.  Well, if that makes sense to anyone, I guess I feel my strings being thumped when listening to Hanzelle.  So, why don’t you get out to see Hanzelle tonight at The 5 Spot?  You’ll also get to know opening acts Sky Hi and Great Barrier Reefs when they get things started at 9pm.

The good people over at We Own This Town included a Hanzelle track, “BODY ROCK” in their newest mixtape of Nashville artists which you can download for free.  I’ve included a player below so you can listen to the 2011 self-titled EP (click here when you decide to buy it).

Get out there and enjoy some live music tonight!

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