We Own This Town mixtape

The good folks over at We Own This Town have released a mixtape (volume 46) of Nashville bands that are worth listening to right now.  You can download it for free, so head over to their webpage to check it out.  Nice job, guys!

A listing of the bands, tracks, album, and upcoming shows are below.

Happy Little Trees – “This Is How To Save A Soul” from We Are Happy
By Lightning! – “Fancy Free” from Sand Down The Edges (Exit/In – 8/25, Soundland – 9/23)
Tetsuo – “New Breed” from Tetsuo Is The Violators
Hanzelle – “BODY ROCK” from BODY ROCK/GHOST single
Telecommunicators – “The Third Hand” from Telecommunicators (Mercy Lounge – 8/10)
Field Days – “Enemies Of The Street” from When I Was Older (The End – 8/12)
Southern – “Cahaba” from 11 Years

Hope I didn’t miss any of the gigs.




  1. By lightning plays on Sep 23 @ SoundLand – not the 21st. Just FYI 🙂


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