Dear Soundland, Please invite GIVERS!, kthnxbye

Dear Soundland,

I just had an idea!  Why don’t you invite GIVERS to your festival?  I saw them at Bonnaroo, and they were awesome!  They are such an upcoming, fun band, and provide the perfect sounds for a summertime festival like yours!  Have you heard their happy, little debut album In Light?  It’s really great.  Lots of people think so.  Paste Magazine rates it 7.9, Faronheit said it was an 82, and One Thirty BPM says it’s a 7.8; and I just know all of those are on a scale of 1 to 5!  Have you seen how fun they look in that video in the little cafe with the squares and diamonds on the wall behind their heads?  Seriously dudes (or dudettes).  Wait, have you heard that session they did for the awesome studio with the logo of the horsehead jumping through the hoop?  I mean, that Daytrotter session was like a freakin’ year ago.  These cats are gonna be doing iPod commercials soon.  I wanna see them before they make iPod commercials!!!!  Braggin’ rights, ya know?!?!

Did you know that GIVERS put up the stems to their hit song “Up, Up, Up” so that people could remix them?  No!, I’m not kidding.  Did you know that CSS remixed it already?  Yup.  You remember CSS, right?  They’re that fun ass band that opened for Sleigh Bells back in the spring at the Cannery Ballroom!  Remember how much they rocked?  Well, think of it this way…. if CSS is remixing GIVERS, that means that GIVERS must really, really, really rock!

You see what I’m saying, don’t you!?!?!  This is a great opportunity to support a good southern band right before they make an iPod commercial!  Ok, ok.  I’ll stop now.  (breathe, breathe)   If you are a planner for Soundland, please try to get this band to play your festival.  It’ll be great.  kthnxbye.


P.S. I’ve included a couple of tracks from their debut album, if you want to check them out.

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